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Are you the individual that’s always trying the latest fad diet or late-night televised weight loss product? Do you endlessly count calories or points day in and day out like it’s no one’s business?  Do your already busy weeknights involve attending weight loss meetings or, do you find that you eat pretty healthy but still struggle with the up and down roller coaster when it comes to your health and weight?


Oh, and forget socializing, right?  Are you “good” throughout the week, eating pretty healthy, but forget about weekend get-togethers, eating out and happy hours with your girlfriends because you find yourself falling off the bandwagon.  Temptation and “peer pressure” have you reaching for that sugar-filled cocktail or large piece of birthday cake?  Socializing and enjoying yourself almost seem impossible if you’re wanting to stay on track to reach your health goals.  Sound all too familiar?

I hear it all the time in my practice. Clients never being able to go out or, that they are on this roller coaster with their weight and can never find balance with life.


We all have busy lives with priorities and schedules that are ahead of our own, but that all doesn’t mean your health should take a toll.  

By incorporating a few simple and easy-to-implement health habits into your day, you CAN reach your health and weight loss goals.  

You CAN  be free from calorie counting and points.  

You CAN socialize and go out to those happy hours, get-together’s, and restaurant outings without feeling deprived or falling off the bandwagon.

healthy habits


The 7-Day Healthy Habits email series Challenge is here for those struggle to find balance with their health and life. The 7-Day Healthy Habits email series Challenge will provide weekly emails with tips and strategies for incorporating healthy habits into your day for an overall healthy life.

Discover the key habits to living a consistent healthy life, no roller coaster ride here!


Included in the 7-Day Healthy Habits Email Series Challenge:

  • Simple strategies to increase metabolism
  • How to find time to exercise (and why it doesn’t have to be all or none)
  • Importance of hydration, why it’s critical for health and ways to elevate your water
  • How to stock a healthy pantry for eating on-the-go (bonus –my fav blood sugar balancing snacks)
  • Planning for success and reaching goals without sabotaging social time and feeling deprived
  • Sleep for health and weight loss and ways to get more zzz’s into your night
  • Mindful eating and digestion, and easy strategies to begin


healthy habits


You CAN reach your health goals AND stay sane in your busy life with these easy-to-implement healthy habits.

Start your health journey today by signing up for the 7-Day Healthy Habits email series Challenge to get access to the weekly emails with daily chats about nutrition, easy-to-implement healthy habits, mindfulness, metabolism-boosting strategies and SO much MORE!


Be a part of this LIFE CHANGING event and sign up here, and receive my free meal planning guide as a thank you when you sign up!

Starting August 8th you’ll receive weekly emails and be on your way to living a healthy life!

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See you August 8th!

In Health,

Shannon Yarger, NTP

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